The Impact of Social CRM Software on Sales

Article by Harvest Solutions –  CRM Insight Blog

Traditional CRM software implementation efforts have evolved (and continue to evolve) into Social CRM Software, with a variety of media tools and technologies that combine traditional CRM software to reach customers in a new way. While PR departments still manage the social presence of brands and customer engagement, brands now talk to and collaborate with customers to solve their business problems.  At the core of Social CRM Software lies an interaction with customers which didn’t exist in the past. CRM interaction is now more customer-driven rather than company-driven.  But, how does all of this impact sales? How can you know if your Social CRM softwares are working?

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The number of fans your company has on Facebook, or the number of followers on Twitter is not an accurate measurement of the success or failure of your Social CRM Software efforts. The key is to pay attention to what those fans or followers are doing once they have decided to “like” your company. With Social media monitoring tools, it’s possible to track the flow of activity and help determine exactly how these engaged fans and followers translate into sales dollars. Equipping yourself and your CRM toolbox with CRM softwares helps take the guesswork out of social media marketing.

Even though CRM has become a social affair, recognizing the merging of social strategies with traditional CRM software is important; Social CRM softwares are only as good as the CRM software that underlies all marketing efforts, service support, and sales-force automation. For example, Nimble’s entire application integrates all platforms, while Salesforce uses apps to join its efforts with Twitter. Choosing the right CRM software for your company’s unique needs ensures that your social CRM yields greater return on investment.

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